Friday, April 10, 2009

And again with the sucky blogging

I really have no excuse, so I won't even try ;-)

N. is changing into a little boy right before my eyes, and it's just wonderful to watch. He's so eager to try and walk, although he still hasn't mastered balancing *and* moving forward at the same time. He likes to wave, and he laughs when you smile at him. When I pick him up at daycare during the week, he squeals and crawls over at top speed to see me, but loves his teachers and gives him his special grin as we leave. One of the nicest thing is when we go to meet up with Hubby - the second that N. sees his daddy, he breaks into a huge smile, waves, and looks for hugs right away. It's such a sweet thing for Hubby at the end of his workday.

We're desperately trying to get ready for his birthday in two weeks, and we're also trying to get things straightened up because my mom is going to stay with us for 8 days. Since we really don't know anyone down here, it'll be a small party, possibly with Hubby's aunt and uncle visiting, but we're having a cake and balloons and hats and noisemakers and whatever else I can find to make it special.

I can't believe how fast the months have flown by. It seems like yesterday I was walking into the OR, feeling N. kick in my belly, wondering who this little person would be. I couldn't have imagined loving him as much as I do. There are some days when I'm at work that I miss him so much it hurts, it feels like I have a huge weight on my chest, until I see him at the end of the day and get that toothy grin. I love seeing him try new things, learning to play with his toys, eating new foods, and making friends with everyone he meets.

Parenthood kicks ass, people ;-)

(One thing that does not kick ass - packing for a move. We're negotiating to move into a much larger apartment down the street, so N can have room to play. Unfortunately, if we get it (which we really hope to) it means organizing, packing, cleaning, throwing out stuff, and generally going nuts. I'm hoping it won't be too bad, though, but if I don't post until, say, August, that's why!)