Thursday, January 22, 2009

We're still here.

Wow, that was a long time between posts, wasn't it?

I'm not exactly sure I can get everything of the last month down, but it's been not too bad.

We went home for the holidays, after I recovered from the pinkeye. Which, yay me, no one else in the house got. Then, almost immediately after arriving at my parents' place, both Hubby and I came down with severe gastroenteritis. Yay Christmas dinner. Not. Baby N. didn't catch it, though, and his Grammie had a good time taking care of him while I lay on the sofa trying not to die, or to puke on anything. Good times.

The drive back (and the drive up, for that matter) were both fairly uneventful. We managed to avoid all the major storms that popped up, and we took our time, stopping overnight on both trips. On the trip back, the only hotel we could find didn't have cribs, though, and that was interesting. We made N. a little pallet on the floor, but somehow he seemed to realize we were leaving him on the FLOOR, thank you very much, and screamed bloody murder. I ended up doing something I never thought I would, and co-slept. It was quite amazing how swiftly he would calm down once in the bed with me, and I know now that this wields amazing power. I'll be keeping it in my back pocket, and using it only for good and not evil.

Daycare re-transitioning went fairly smoothly; only a few days were miserable and now he's all, "Ok, Mom, you can go. I'm playing here." There's another baby who's 4 weeks older than he is, and playing with her seems to encourage him to take new developmental steps. She started crawling, 2 weeks later he did. Now she's standing up, and I think he'll be there soon.

He also seems to be showing signs of either a severe nursing strike, or perhaps weaning, but I'm not going to talk about it until I really know what it is. *Sigh*.

Gee, that was rambly. And I have to get back to my experiments, so I'm not fixing it, dammit.

So there.


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