Friday, November 16, 2007

My support system.

Even though we're rather isolated down here, I have to keep giving props to my wonderful support system, that's scattered around the continent.

First off, there's my mom. She hasn't been pregnant in nearly 25 years, but still has so much advice and love to give. She's my first line of defense.

There's a tie for second place - and these two girls have been tied with each other for almost 20 years.

A., who is back in my university city, has no children yet (just a fiancé, whom I adore). Even so, she's just over the moon about Bean, and loves to hear all the details, even the gory ones.

Then there's C., who already has three kids, all under the age of five (God bless her little mothering heart). She's my closest friend who's been pregnant, and due to her job has a wealth of information about pregnancy and health at her fingertips. After I called my mother last night, I called her and she saved my sanity.

You see, last night I went arse over teakettle, slipping on some wet leaves that are on all the sidewalks around here. My belly didn't even hit the ground, although I really messed up both of my hands, along with my left knee, not to mention my shoulder and chest muscles which took the brunt of the impact. (Typing is fine, provided I don't put too much pressure on my wrists.)

My logical brain knows that I'd probably have to do a lot worse to even wake Bean up in there, since s/he's so well padded and cushioned. My hormonal brain, however, cried for hours. At the insistence of Hubby, I called C., and she comforted me, reassured me, then laughed at me in a very good natured way. She then told me about how she fell when she was nearly 7 months pregnant with her first boy, and her belly bounced off of the icy pavement. She said that her own husband laughed at her bruise for weeks, but only after her OB reassured her that both she and baby were completely fine.

I'm pretty sure that, had I not called her, I would've lain awake all last night, dragged myself to emergency this morning, and wasted the whole day to find out that I'm fine. I feel fine, I have no pain or any other symptoms, and I even think I can feel some real somersaults. But I needed that phone call to believe my logical brain.

Thanks, C., I love you!

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