Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Still awake.

I should be sleeping, or at least preparing to, but this evening has been crazy.

I came home from work exhausted, and looking forward to an evening alone. Hubby has to do a 24-hour time course at work, which means he won't be home until midnight. I decided to use up some of my fridge-inhabitants to make a risotto that I'd been planning for about 4 days, as a way to keep busy and make some good ice-box leftovers for the rest of the week.

I ended up burning half the components, and nearly setting off the fire alarm. I now have a whole whack of bland risotto and an expensive pile of burnt sage and pancetta ;-)

Fortunately, I'm not too disappointed - sure, it tastes a lot better with the pancetta, but it's just a fancy word for bacon, which I don't necessarily need. Plus, I can make up for it with good parmesan! It'll still be a huge improvement for lunch over my single-serving mac and cheese that I've been resorting to in the past little while. I'm too tired in the mornings to make a decent fresh sandwich, and I don't like buying cafeteria food.

So, now that my food is refrigerated, and (half) the dishes are done, I still have to settle in to wait for Hubby. I know I should try and sleep, but I'll likely just lie awake and get really frustrated with myself. I could knit, but I'm just bone tired today. I think I'll curl up in my favourite chair and catch up on some TV that I've missed.

Hopefully that will keep me occupied - I'm usually OK with flying solo during the day, but at night, especially now that the time change means earlier darkness, I'm more likely to go wacky.

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