Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sick day

So, N. has developed his first real cold. And, we're housebound on a snow day (which, now that I think abou it, is pretty lucky).

He got the traditional daycare stuffy nose, practically within hours of enrolling, but it hadn't bothered him much up until the day before yesterday. Then, he started coughing more than usual, and it sounded really phlegmy.

(Phlegmy? is that a word?)

Anywhoo, it meant that last night he was tough to get to bed, and he woke himself up about once an hour with a cough. He's not used to coughing with phlegm, and scares himself when he can't breathe through it.

It was a hard night, but still much better than it could've been. We did get *some* sleep, and I figured he'd be fine today like he was yesterday. Unfortunately he spiked a fever, and went from my normally happy happy boy to a very sooky, whiny boy.

I managed to get him down for a nap, and I'm hoping the Tylenol will work its magic. In the meantime, I should either be doing dishes or sleeping myself, I suppose.

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