Saturday, February 14, 2009

We now break for station identification.

Well, not really, but we've been on a break from lots of things in the past few days.

N.'s cold is hanging on, but is quite a bit improved. He's sleeping better for the most part, although about once every three or four nights he wakes up, and is inconsolable unti he gets a snack. I'm trying not to give in to it unless I think it's really really necessary, and it doesn't seem to be causing him to wake up more often, so I'm going to assume he's a bit hungry, along with feeling sick, and we're just running with it.

We're in the middle of a vicious cycle of passing this virus back and forth, though, and it's not all that much fun. I hate to be a whiner, but it seems like I'm getting the lion's share of it. I haven't been taking care of myself, or my asthma, lately, and now I'm paying the price. I've got a pretty nasty case of asthmatic bronchitis, and I'm back on a puffer on a regular basis (which hasn't happened since I lived with a cat full time). I think the puffer is helping a bit; I can sleep now, and I'm not hacking the majority of the time.

N. is weathering the storm quite well, and is actually napping right now, along with Hubby. Hubs let me have a quick catnap early this morning, to help dispel a particularly nasty attack, so he deserves this little luxury. We've been juggling a bit during the workweek to make sure we can both get our hours in, since there've been a couple of afternoons where he either spiked a fever or vomited at daycare, which require removing him. Kids with fever have to be fever-free for 24 hours before returning, so there've been days home.

I'm hoping that we get a lull in the illnesses soon, but I'm not optimistic. There's some sort of gastro bug going around the daycare - the other day, 5 kids came down with it in one day and had to go home. N. had one episode early on, and I'm not entirely sure that wasn't just a full tummy that came back on him, but he's been clear of that virus so far.

In other totally unrelated, but very exciting, news - my SIL had her baby this week - a healthy girl :-) It's killing me to be so far away, but I'm hoping to take N. to meet her this spring, and they're sending me pictures. She's got a wisp of red hair, blue (so far) eyes, and thanks to a double dose of the gene from her mom and dad, lips to rival Angelina. I can't wait to meet her!

And now, to end another rambly post... if I can get the dishes done while my boys still sleep, I'll consider today a success.

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