Friday, February 15, 2008

Ebb and flow

I always marvel at how my writing goes through upswings, and dips, and I try to figure out why it takes teh direction that it does.

I used to write quite a bit during gradeschool, and even through undergrad. Grad school, at first, took up way too much of my brain space, but towards the end of my PhD, I found I needed it to keep me grounded. Particularly when I was writing up my thesis, it's almost like I needed to write other things to balance the scales.

I had thought I'd be doing a lot of personal writing this year, since work is going well and I *theoretically* have more time, but it's not working out that way ;-) Maybe it's the lack of brainpower because of Bean, or maybe it's being tired so much of the time; I'm not sure.

The strange thing is, I'm feeling more and more emotions lately, and they feel like things that I should be putting down. It's really overwhelming, and I think I'd benefit from capturing it. Maybe I'll try and put in just a little more effort; I think I'll be glad of it in the years to come.

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