Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bad Baby Blogger


The exhaustion of the third trimester is starting to creep back in, along with increased queasiness.... It's kind of hard for your stomach to settle when it's being pummeled from underneath pretty constantly ;-)

Things are coming along nicely, though, so I can't complain too much. We've started childbirth classes (ack!) and the second official one is tonight. If the syllabus that we were given is correct, there will be video, which should be hilarious. The class is filled with medical and university professionals, and (not surprisingly) most of them are neurotic and/or scared out of their wits ;-) It should be an interesting few weeks.

I'm starting to think about booking Mom's plane ticket to get here, and I'm looking at furniture, strollers, etc. My friend C. says that this is the time to start gathering and assembling, so as to be prepared for any surprises or early arrivals. Instead of actually *doing* the practical stuff, though, I'm knitting baby sweaters and looking at little dressy outfits for my friend A.'s wedding in October (although those definitely won't be purchased until much further down the road, like late summer).

This is such a trip. Some days I still can't believe it.

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