Friday, January 11, 2008

The countdown to the test

My glucose screening test is coming up, and I'm a bit nervous. I'm doing okay with the weight gain, but not great. And while I know that gaining extra pounds isn't always an indicator of gestational diabetes at this point, I'm finding it hard be optimistic about this.

I've been hearing that lots of women fail the 1hr screening test AND the 3 hour test, and still come out fine, but I guess I'm waiting for the shoe to drop. I had a friend who developed gestational during her first pregnancy, and she had to take insulin, and that scares me.

So, I'm postponing until next week ;-) My OB wants it done within a week or so (he gave me the test req. on Wednesday), so I'm going on a day that Hubby can come with me and keep me company.

ETA: It's next week already, and I haven't gone for the test yet. I'm aiming for Wednesday ;-) One thing that came out of the appointment that was good was my blood pressure - 90/70. I'm hoping that counts for something.

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