Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I cheated, and (I think) I failed :-(

In we went for the glucose test today. I decided to test my sugar before going in, and I was a nice, normal non-fasting 72mg/dl. I thought, I have this thing in the bag.

Drank the drink. Eeeyuch. Couldn't they at least put a bit of fizz in there? I'm sure it would've helped.

I sat. And sat. And knitted up to the thumb on my mittens.

In I go, blood taken (the girls at my health center are GREAT), and I decided to test again with Hubby's handy-dandy glucose meter.



I know the meters have error associated with them, but this one Hubby has always found reliable. I'm planning on needing to go back for the three hour test :-(

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