Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I cheated, and I passed ;-)

I'm going for my glucose test today, and it's been weighing on my mind since before the holidays. Then I realized I could find out some crucial info *before* going in.

Hubby has a glucose meter. I have food. I can make my own glucose challenge ;-)

The OB told me that they'll give me the glucose and do a one-hour blood draw. Anything over 140mg/dl is bad, and you go for the 3-hour test. I decided to split my dinner up, eat my salad first and then the carbs all at the same time.

Before eating the carbs (but not fasting) - 99mg/dl
1 hr post-consumption - 122mg/dl
2hr post-consumption - 106mg/dl

So, technically, I passed my own test, even though I shouldn't've been taking my own test ;-) (I won't tell you what the carbs were, but it was better for me than glucose syrup).

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