Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Well, THAT was fun.

I figured that my spotless record was heading for its demise.

So far during the pregnancy, I've been pretty healthy. No colds, no flu, great blood pressure, no gestational diabetes, *somewhat* decent sleep. The most I've had to complain about is moderate hip/pelvic pain while I'm in bed that started mid-second trimester, but I'll deal with that rather than the extensive nausea.

Oh, Nausea. My old friend. Begin *GROSSMENT*

Monday night I cooked up some tacos for Hubby and I, which we've had before lots since I got pregnant. I went to bed a bit uncomfortable, but I figured I had just overdone it a bit. Hubby felt fine, so I wasn't too worried about food poisoning. But, sleep was elusive, and at about 4:30am, it all started.

I think I puked more from 4:30 until lunchtime than I had all first trimester.

Luckily, my OB's office is great. I called up and talked to someone for about 25 minutes, going over everything that was going on. They're seeing lots of these stomach viruses going around, and that's what I seem to have had. I had no fever, which was good, and I was able to keep down 1/2 cup of gingerale or apple juice per hour. I slept better last night, and I'm just looking forward to being able to eat some actual toast.

I was glad to talk to the doctors and nurses, and they were so helpful. They reassured me that until and unless I got severely dehydrated, Bean was in no danger. I only puked over the course of about 7 hours, and started off quite well fed and hydrated. Plus, the most wonderfully reassuring part of the whole thing was that I constantly got pummeled by this little football player during the whole thing; all I had to do was sit still for 10 minutes :-)


This morning I had apple juice, a bit of sports rehydrator (which normally I don't like, but it's TASTY!), and a bit of applesauce. I'm going for some toast shortly, and then I think I might take a run into work. Since Hubby hasn't gotten sick yet, I figure I'm not contagious, and truthfully I'm going nuts here. I realize that I'm going to need to get used to spending lots of time here in the apartment again, but without a Bean to take care of there's really not much to do all day long ;-)

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