Saturday, April 19, 2008

The baby that ate Manhattan

Mom is nearly here - she's due to land in 45 minutes, and Hubby is waiting for her at the airport. I'm just hanging out, trying to rest, and waiting. So far, the Braxton-Hicks have been happening every day, but nothing approaching regular. Hopefully they'll wait at least another day, so I can have just a little time with Mom before the chaos sets in.

I don't want Bean to wait too long, though, because it would seem that:


The latest OB that I saw (who wasn't my favourite, if I'm to be truthful), ordered a sizing ultrasound, because she felt I was measuring really big for my dates. Now, I know that sizing ultrasounds are fairly inaccurate, and even moreso the closer to term one gets, but it was still interesting.

Bean is measuring 10lb, +/- 15% (which means a range of 8.5lb to 11.5lb).


I'm trying not to panic too much, because it is just an estimate. Plus, one of Mom's friends has a new granddaughter, who entered the world three weeks ago at 10lb 3oz with no drugs and only 33 minutes of labour. I'm also told that bigger babies tend to eat better and sleep better sooner ;-)

Either way, the ultrasound was fun, because we got to see lots and lots of movement, detailed pics of the heart and the digestive tract, and little hands and feet. Hubby was enthralled, and it was almost more fun to watch him watching the screen.

The official due date is Tuesday, and I'm hoping to be able to check into the hospital during a weekday... that's not too much to ask, is it?

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