Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Give us this day, our daily contractions.

Well, I'm pretty sure they're still false labour, but this baby is getting quite the workout. What used to happen once every few days is now happening numerous times daily.

These contractions are visible - Hubby says my belly gets more compact and protrudes (like it wasn't protruding to begin with. Ha.). They last quite a while, sometimes 10 or 15 minutes. And, the most fun part is that when they finally release, often I get a boot from Bean, as if to say, "Hey, that wasn't very nice! Trying to sleep in here!"

I know that this means nothing in terms of true labour starting, but I'm hoping they're the harbinger of something. I figure since they more or less started up out of the blue, maybe they're a sign that everything is gearing up for the "really big shew" (a la Ed Sullivan).

Mom's starting to get worried about the possibility of my going early, and how she should deal with that. Hubby's boss was really matter-of-fact about it - "Pay the fee, change the ticket, and don't worry about it!"; that was pretty much my reaction, too. A last minute change is a last minute change, whether or not she decides in her own head now that she'll switch her ticket if need be. I'm trying to be zen about the whole thing - I would really like her to be at the hospital with me for the extra support, but even more importantly, I want her here when we're home for those first few weeks. If I go early and she waits, that means more days with her here *after* Bean is born, rather than lots of days of her keeping her very pregnant daughter occupied and not jumping off cliffs because of being past due date ;-)

I did tell her that if I go early and she's not here, I'll likely be calling her all hours of the day and night, so she won't get any sleep either. I don't know how much Dad will like that, but that's tough ;-)

Whoops, there goes another one. Maybe this one will pass before I have to pack up and go home. Bean seems to be trying his/her damndest to push his/her feet through this one.

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