Monday, March 24, 2008

36 weeks and counting.

Well, we had our 36 week appointment this morning, and it was interesting to say the least.

Blood pressure: 120/68. A bit higher than my usual, but moving around is getting a bit more strenuous, and I didn't have my 15 minutes of recovery time that normally comes after hoofing it to the doc's office.

Weight: Well, no numbers for you there, but suffice it to say I don't trust anything anymore. I hadn't found out my weight during the last appointment two weeks ago, because I don't look at the scale and I didn't think to ask. Turns out two weeks ago, I'd lost a pound from the previous appointment, and this week it seems I'd gained nine. Which SO isn't possible, considering I haven't changed my eating habits a whit. I don't believe the loss that was recorded during week 34, and I sure as hell don't believe that gain this time around. The problem is that each appointment is in a different exam room, with a different scale. I'm convinced that there's something that's not agreeing. The bottom line is - I didn't get lectured, and if I can go through the pregnancy putting on around 35 lb, I'll be happy about it. At least it's not 50 or 60.

Bean is doing well, had a nice strong heartrate around 150 and was kicking. We also did the Group B strep test, and I should have the results by the end of the week. Discussion about that led to discussion about my allergies, and whether or not I'm sensitive to penicillin. The bottom line is that I don't know, even though I know I'm allergic to a crapload of other stuff. Either way, if I end up needing the antibiotics, they're administered in the hospital, and I'll be watched very carefully.

The doc also did an exam on my request, since my mom has a history of preterm labour (and I'm sort of hopeful at this point ;-)). Turns out I'm dilated 1cm, and my cervix, although plenty hard, is a bit short. Now, the OB says this means nothing, and I could stay this way for weeks, but a girl can dream, can't she?

I've got my suitcase about 70% packed and we've got pretty much everything we need (with the exception of diapers, but the pharmacy is 2 blocks from work). I'm ready, but I'm not ready. And with my luck, this kid'll go weeks over.

Should be interesting ;-)

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