Monday, March 31, 2008

37 down, 3 (?) to go

Weekly appointments are SO much fun (at least, they're an excuse to be late for work).

Our 37 week appointment was today, and all is well. The weight issue seems to have settled itself (~1lb this time), and blood pressure was great as always - 118/70. We're in the midst of meeting all possible on-call practitioners, and today's was just as nice as the rest of them. She wasn't quite sure if what she was feeling in the downward position was the head (since I guess Bean's butt, pointing upward, is just as hard as his/her head), so we got a really quick, 45-second ultrasound. Bean is indeed still head down, and quite head down as a matter of fact (my regular OB did tell us this last week, but today's clinician wanted to double-check.

We also determined that I've been having frequent Braxton-Hicks, although they're not at all painful. Hopefully that's a good sign of things to come ;-) No internal exam today, though, which is OK with me. The midwife today did say I would likely know when labour starts for real, and not to worry about examining each and every contraction to determine if it's true or false. (Like that's going to get me to stop paying attention! Ha!)

The hospital bag is packed, I just need a few diapers just in case. The childbirth class from the hospital did say they'd be provided, but I'd rather have extras.

I'm just about ready to get the show on the road. The swelling in my feet isn't as bad as it was last week - I'm really careful to get them up when I'm home. We did spend a good portion of Saturday out walking, before going over to my boss's place for dinner, and it tired me out, but the feet survived. I also got a replacement pair of sandals, since my last pair didn't make it to the move, and I didn't have any last summer :-( They were a treat, they were on sale, and I'm slowly getting used to them. I'm hoping the better support they give will help a bit with the back and pelvic pain that's pretty incessant right about now.

Sleeping also isn't working out too well, but everyone says it's good preparation ;-) I'm averaging about an hour at a time, then I have to get up and walk around to shake out the strain on my left hip. I'm hoping that the hour-at-a-time sleep that will be coming up once Bean is here will be a bit more pain-free ;-)

Ok. I'm thinking that's enough whining for the day. I think I'll catch the next bus home, and figure out some din-dins. I don't know if there's good TV on tonight, but I started the second sleeve on my baby sweater, which should be entertainment enough.

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