Tuesday, October 23, 2007

On comfort.

Well, the cat is out of the bag, and everyone knows. All the family and friends who were in the inner sanctum have been given the go-ahead to tell the rest of the world, and the news is making the rounds. Quite fast, if the messages I'm getting on facebook are any indication.

And, truthfully speaking, I'm not sure I'm entirely comfortable with that.

The logical part of me knows that it's not realistic to keep the news a secret for much longer (even though it would be easy to accomplish since my family and friends are practically all a thousand miles away). I've passed the benchmarks, and things seem to be going well (a nice heartbeat was heard last Wednesday, and I'm feeling better although still queasy a lot of the time). It's just weird - now that it's out, it's both more real to me and more surreal at the same time.

We told Hubby's aunt and uncle this weekend. We see them once a month for a little shopping excursion (since we have no car) and lunch, which gives us a nice little visit. They were of course overjoyed, and were more than happy to take us an extra 10 minute drive outside of town so I could shop for relatively cheap maternity clothes. I was surprised at how reasonably priced everything was, and Hubby was surprised that most of what was available didn't "look like a tent".

I hadn't realized how much my shape had changed, even though my weight has only gone up 3lb. I had stopped wearing a belt most of the time, since my pants were starting to just fit (before they were loose), but once I put on some maternity pants, I was in heaven. All of a sudden, I wasn't constricted or uncomfortable anymore; it turns out that even my super stretchy sweats were snug in the wrong places. I also found myself in the middle of another paradox - even though I was absolutely thrilled that my pre-pregnancy size turned out smaller than I thought (I'd expected to be in XL but I'm nowhere near that), I discovered that I'm completely comfortable with my growing belly. It sticks out a little further than I would've thought for my present stage, but I'm OK with it.

Maybe I'm only OK with it because it's shaped such that it's obvious that I'm pregnant and not just really pudgy ;-)

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